5 Tips On Where To Send Press Releases

where to send press releases

Press releases are a fantastic resource for your business. They can tell your clientele, especially new clientele, all about your latest offering.

Writing a press release is one thing, but figuring out where to send it is another beast altogether. So where should you send that perfectly worded, professional-grade press release?

Keep reading to find out where to send press releases and how you can get your release in front of the right people.

5 Tips on Where to Send Press Releases

1. Newspapers

You may have heard that the print publication is dying, especially local papers. But that doesn’t mean you should neglect your local offerings altogether.

Instead, send your press release to the editor of the respective department.

But if print media is almost dead, why send it anyway? Because print may be dead, but the local paper isn’t. Most news outlets are actually flourishing online.

Chances are your press releases is still of some relevant interest to the paper in some capacity. Be sure to ask about setting up a potential interview as well.

2. Trade Publications

If you’re releasing a brand new product or service directly related to an industry, do a bit of research. There’s a trade publication for nearly every industry under the sun. In fact, many industries have multiple trade publications.

Pick a publication that you think best suits the needs of you and your company, and send a cover letter along with your press release.

Your letter should include an intro of who you are and what your company does, as well as a little bit about the product.

You should address your press release to either the editor or managing editor.

Most publications have contact info on their website. Some may even have dedicated staff for handling press releases. So be sure to double-check it’s going to the right department before hitting ‘enter’.

3. Local Television Stations

If you’d like to get your brand on television, you can always query your local station’s news editor.

Depending on the size and scope of your brand, they may be able to bring in a brand ambassador for an interview.

4. A Public Relations or Press Release Firm

We understand that sometimes it’s harder than you’d like to get a press release taken care of. Whether you need help writing, editing, or just distributing, you may want to outsource to a firm.

It can save you time and you’ll know your release will look professional.

They often have great contacts, or can at least serve as consultants on your next great press release.

5. Your Audience

Our final tip is a bit of a risky move and is only recommended for the pros.

There’s a good chance your press release could always just end up in your audience’s spam folder. There’s also a chance that they may decide to unsubscribe after feeling solicited.

However, some customers are happier than others to receive press releases. If that’s the case, be sure that you acquired their contact info through a safe, legal means.

Some Final Words on Where to Send Press Releases

There are a few key details to always keep in mind when sending a press release:

  • Make sure you have the right contact information
  • Use spellcheck before sending anything
  • Be personable
  • Know how to avoid being a nuisance

Of course, if you could use some help with your press release, we’d love to help! Get in touch today and choose one of our 3 plans!

Whether you’re looking for local or national coverage, we can help your brand succeed.

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