5 Ways Hiring a Digital Designer Can Boost Your Brand Awareness

digital designerIf you own a business, it’s important to understand the importance of branding.

It helps people instantly recognize and trust your business.

This is why hiring a digital designer can help set your company apart from the competition. In the past, a graphic designer would be your go-to for brand awareness, it’s digital designers who are now taking businesses into the future.

Let’s discuss how digital design can help grow your business.

What is a Digital Designer?

While digital design is extremely similar to graphic design, there are some differences.

A graphic designer is trained in drawing and design fundamentals. They are typically trained for their trade using CorelDRAW or Adobe Photoshop to do their work.

Graphic designers also tend to be best when working with marketing materials such as:

  • Print advertisements
  • Posters
  • Billboards
  • Brochures
  • Magazines
  • Consumer products
  • Clothing

While someone working in digital design is trained in the following:

  • Motion graphics
  • Screenwriting
  • Video editing
  • Digital audio production
  • Video production

They are also usually well versed in animation and/or motion graphics. They create their products within a digital or electronic format. These products often appear in a digital magazine or e-book.

What Can a Digital Designer Do For Your Business?

There are quite a few ways that digital design will help your business, most of all because they help you to build brand awareness. The designs they create for your business will capture what your business stands for.

Instant Recognition

Brand awareness also builds instant recognition, as the design will be used in all your marketing efforts. Think of Tony the Tiger. You know instantly which brand of cereal he’s associated with.


The more often you use your digital design, the more people will associate it with your business.

When you see a bright red color and a white swirl, you automatically think of Coca-Cola. That’s because that company has consistently used those colors over the years.


Let’s face it: digital marketing is the future. We love our cell phones and we’re increasingly using them to do everything. You can now even use your cell phone to easily buy everything you need.

As we increase our mobile phone usage, digital design will become even more necessary. Having a design that’s mobile-friendly ensures your business will be on top.

How to Hire a Great Digital Designer

Now that you’ve realized the importance of digital design, it’s time to hire one.

But how do you know they can capture your business within a design? Here’s how to find a great designer:

  • Ask someone you trust for a referral
  • Make sure they’re experienced in your medium

Once you hire them, be prepared to let them know your goals and what your company stands for. Lastly, hire a designer who communicates clearly and effectively with you.

You should be able to easily measure the success you’re having with your brand awareness. If not, you may have hired the wrong designer.

Another way to build brand awareness is by sending out press releases. We provide three options for you to choose from. Choose which option works best for you and one of our experts will contact you soon.

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