How To Measure Brand Awareness

how to measure brand awareness

All marketers are faced with this conundrum at one point or another in their career, how to measure brand awareness.

ROI remains critically important to marketing efforts in a digital age.  Being able to determine how branding impacts your bottom line not only helps the company but keeps marketing professionals relevant to the overall success.

All too often, marketers find themselves in a position where they are defending their job to an employer or client.  That’s because branding seems practically immeasurable.

But there’s a secret to how to measure brand awareness.  It’s all in the metrics. And that’s what you are going to learn when you keep reading this blog article.

How to Measure Brand Awareness

How Are People Getting To Your Website?

The first question any marketer needs to ask when determining strategies that measure brand awareness is “how are people getting to your website?”

There are three measurable analytics you can look at to determine if your brand strategy has been effective in increasing brand recall.

1) Direct Traffic

What better way to determine brand recall than tracking the number of people who enter your website into their browser directly.  That usually means that your URL is memorable, or important enough to customers that they’ve committed it to memory.

2) Referral Traffic

If you really want to know how to measure brand awareness then look to your referral traffic.  This indicator tells you who reached your site from external links.  It corroborates a necessary level of media exposure to audiences who frequent other websites.

3) Branded Keyword Searches

Simply put, branded keyword searches tell you how many people are searching for your brand, or brand keywords, to get to your website.  This indicates that your keywords are generating brand recall in potential customers.

In addition to these key performance indicators, any increase in your website’s traffic can be viewed as a branding win.  Pay close attention to the performance of your company’s blog and the traffic it brings to your site when measuring brand awareness.

Are You Listening?

Social listening tools are very powerful in the quest to learn how to measure brand awareness.  These tools, like Mention, give you a clear picture of the frequency with which your target market is mentioning your brand.

You can use this information to track Share of Voice (SOV) across all social media platforms.  For example, let’s say your brand makes underwater cameras for scuba divers.

Using tools you can determine the instances in which someone mentions your brand name + scuba diving.  And measure it against all mentions of scuba diving to get your share of voice.  You can also track the names of your competitors + scuba diving to see how your SOV stacks up against theirs.

Even without listening tools, a close monitoring of your social community will tell you if it is growing, shrinking or staying the same.  If you are gaining in followers across all platforms, that’s one way how to measure brand awareness.

Brand Awareness is King

An unfortunate challenge is that today’s marketing consumers have been trained to rely on the “click through rate”, only.  Clicks aren’t important when bounce rates are high, and engagement is low.

Marketers must be up for the task of re-educating their community to understand the importance of brand awareness and the competitive advantage brand recall provides.

That’s why you need to know how to measure brand awareness.  Treat it like your job depends on it.  Because maybe it does?

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