Guide: Choosing the Right Press Release Template

press release templateEven for the best writers, a press release template is an effective way to reign in your language and stick to what’s important.

Press release writing needs to be concise and firm. It should be structured in a way that conveys your message in as straightforward a manner as possible. Even if you decide to write your own press release, you should use a press release template.

A good press release will increase the likelihood of reaching media outlets and industry influencers. It will also boost the SEO of the article.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right press release template, whether you’re writing it yourself or working with a professional team.

General News Press Release Template

This is the most standard type of press release.

It is usually reserved for major announcements, earning reports, and new product launches. General news like this is directed at news editors, investors, and current and potential customers.

These press releases should be written in a straightforward manner. The release should pop, but remain easy to read.

Make sure the headline presents the who and what of the subject matter in five or six words. Begin with the most newsworthy item right away. Don’t mince words.

Continue with a breakdown of the news. Explain why the news is relevant to whoever the target audience is for the release.

Include a quote from someone within the company that will give the news weight and journalists a pull quote for their stories. End with a call to action. This should outline the reader’s next steps, encouraging them to follow your marketing funnel.

Content Marketing Template

This type of release is about promoting certain content.

This release should be written more actively than a general press release. You should be writing to tell a story, not making an announcement.

These releases should be used to build buzz around your brand. The content should be used to push for engagement with your target audience. Instead of quotes, uses links that will drive your readers where you want them to go.

Be sure to pepper in a number of call to actions throughout the press release.

Evergreen Press Release Template

These releases fall in between general news and content marketing. You are not attempting to market anything and you are not announcing anything timely.

These releases are meant for interesting news announcements that will continue to stay relevant to your target audience. Press releases like these are the best kinds to stay relevant for a long time on the internet.

The content for these releases should pertain to something like a new initiative your company is undertaking from here on out or a success story related to your company.

These releases tend to stick around for a long time, so make sure the story you’re telling is a good one.

Make the decision for what template to use, based on what kind of content you are writing about. Now the next time you’re exploring press release ideas, you’ll know which template to choose to really drive your message home.

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